Urban Village


vision for the URBAN VILLAGE is to create a people sensitive development that strives to promote community by integrating walkable scale retail and restaurant projects within commercial workplaces and residential areas while still realizing the impact of the automobile and transportation. Building communities also encompasses other aspects serving to strengthen the URBAN VILLAGE. These include entertainment, schools, parks, public transportation and civic centers all softened and humanized by landscaping.

One of the lessons we should have learned from the past is that today's real estate development is susceptible to that which is newer or strongly marketed. By creating an URBAN VILLAGE, the development becomes a living, evolving community micro-center that has the flexibility to evolve and succeed long term as a part of the community.

One of the ideas we're currently working on is a village center made up of a mix of uses, (Retail, Commercial, Residential, Restaurant, Entertainment, Bed & Breakfast, etc.), all working together. Importantly, the Village would have a life outside the retail business hours.

Today the URBAN VILLAGE concept has been applied in over 125 developments in the United States and is a key concept in the "Smart Growth" movement.