Development Services

Preliminary Project Services:

  • Define project goals
  • Define project objectives
  • Define project expectations
  • Assist in site selection
  • Prepare preliminary proforma
  • Obtain property documentation
  • Define project financing
  • Define project financing on proforma
  • Prepare preliminary site plan
  • Prepare preliminary project construction budget
  • Prepare preliminary project schedule

Due Diligence with Government Authorities

  • Review project with community groups if required
  • Review zoning with Development Department
  • Handle required zoning process with the city
  • Review code issues with city development officials
  • Handle appeals with city boards
  • Attend any city required meetings
  • Handle officials' review of final documents
  • Obtain building permit

Environmental, Survey & Soils

  • Secure environmental studies ( Phase I minimum )
  • Secure site survey ( digital format )
  • Secure soils testing & foundation recommendations

Financial Analysis

  • Prepare proforma for project
  • Secure appraisal on developed project
  • Secure market study
  • Prepare financial package for lender
  • Present financial package for lender
  • Work with lender during underwriting
  • Interface with lender during project duration

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