Newkirk Wallerick

1926 -1223 South Main, Fort Worth, Texas 

he Newkirk-Wallerick building is a single-story brick commercial building that is prominently sited at the important intersection of South Main Street and West Magnolia Avenue. Built in 1926, it housed many businesses over the years. These businesses ranged from barbers, restaurants, bicycle shop, to finally used appliance dealer, liquor store and teen club. The building was unoccupied for approximately ten years. It was the prime project in extending the redevelopment efforts down to South Main for Fort Worth South Redevelopment District.

Fort Worth South is situated immediately south of Fort Worth's Central Business District. It encompasses approximately 1400 acres, is the second largest employment center in the county and contains a significant number of major hospitals, medical institutions and support services. The Strategic Plan for Fort Worth South incorporates a vision and contains projects for future development while enhancing existing redevelopment opportunities.

Newkirk-Wallerick is an important historic component for Fort Worth South and was listed as "demolition delay" by the City. The historic designation for the City sponsored "HC Overlay" with its attendant City tax freeze and a listing on the National Registry of Historic Places have been attained. That designation made a 20% federal tax credit available on the redevelopment costs for the project.

Choice Homes selection of this historic commercial building for their new office in Fort Worth was indicative of the interest in revitalizing the Inner City and the potential benefits associated with this revitalization approach. This commitment on the part of Choice Homes and their utilization of the "Vintage Series" home designs is an important part of the implementation of the Fort Worth South Master Plan. Maverick Advertising now occupies the building as its headquarters.

Through the 1970's the Southside went through a steady decline reaching its low point in the late 1970's although, West Magnolia Avenue and Hemphill Street commercial corridors remained marginally viable, with some businesses surviving since the 1930's. Since the early 1980's continuing redevelopment efforts have saved most of the historically significant commercial structures and adapted them into restaurants, coffee shops, retail, offices, a police station, loft apartments and corporate headquarters. The once crime ridden neighborhood is now the safest area in town, second only to downtown.

This project is an anchor project for the revitalization of both West Magnolia Avenue and this section of South Main Street. Already, since the revitalization has been completed, several other buildings in the vicinity have been purchased with renovations in mind by the new owners.

This historic renovation and reuse meshes into the Master Plan as adopted by the Fort Worth City Council and is being implemented by Fort Worth South. The goals of Fort Worth South encourage people-sensitive developments that promote community by integrating retail, restaurant, office, entertainment and residential, all within walking distances.

The Newkirk-Wallerick renovation incorporates the ideals of "creativity in progress", the mission of Daedalus Development.

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