Magnolia Avenue Redevelopment

1983 to Present - Fort Worth, Texas

agnolia Avenue, mainly built during the late teens through the late twenties in South Fort Worth, was once a major secondary retail center for the City and had formed the core street for the hospital district. Through the fifties, sixties and seventies, the street and area had deteriorated to the point that the street contained 22 bars and several X-rated movie houses and strip parlors. In an effort to reverse this trend, forward thinking area business leaders formed the Southside business association. Mr. Boothe joined this organization in 1982 when the Laneri Home project was underway. They were in the process of forming committees to address Magnolia Avenue. He participated in this endeavor, eventually becoming a member of the Board, advising prospective developers and business owners on redevelopment guidelines which, with the assistance of City Planning,, were issued in 198-1. By that time we were down to only a handful of bars, the X-rated businesses were gone and Magnolia had been completely streetscaped with trees, pavestone sidewalks, benches with over $12 million in private renovation projects.

n 1985 the community formed another organization to further the redevelopment of the whole Southside area of the city, Historic Southside, Inc., of which .Mr. Soothe is a founding Director. Many efforts have moved the area ahead in the intervening years, ranging from individual building projects to other street revitalization's, transportation and master planning issues. In 1992 Historic Southside sponsored the formation of the Fort Worth Medical District, getting all of the hospitals to work together, resulting in a master plan, finished in 1995 and accepted by the City Council in 1996. The implementation of this plan has resulted in the formation of the nonprofit development corporation, Fort Worth South, incorporating the Medical District and Historic Southside organizations info a closer association, of which Mr. Boothe is a director of both. This process carries on the multifaceted partnerships of city, nonprofit, and private interests which are so necessary today.


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