The Story

nce an Architect, Sculptor, and Inventive Genius. Daedalus was revered by the Artist Guilds in Greece for his many achievements. Daedalus is also credited with inventing the ax, the bevel and the awl. Buildings that once stood inDaedalus and Icarus Sardinia, Egypt and Italy were attributed to him as well.

Daedalus carved statues that were so realistic they seemed ready to spring to life. In order to confine the beast Minotaur. he designed the Labyrinth for King Minos, a maze whose winding passages opened one to another in such a way that each section appeared exactly the same as its precursor.

Daedalus anticipated heavier-than-air flight thousands of years before the Wright Brothers were born. He built wings with feather and wax in order to escape from Crete with his son, Icarus.

Daedalus Development, like its namesake, is committed to the same ideals of Creativity in Progress in all phases of the projects undertaken. More importantly, however, they have learned from Daedalus' mistakes. Daedalus never understood that a man who hears only praise becomes deaf and a man who sees no rival to his work becomes blind.

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